gender stereotypes

Of these 6 ABSURB gender stereotypes the only one i agree with is that men are slobs. As for the women are wimps i completly disagree! ever since ive have my daughter i wished just ONE contraction and One period to see the things we have to go through as women (ITS HARD WORK!) scientist claim these steroetypes are true i have to agree to disagree on some or maybe im just a different type of woman!,articleId-26896.html

This article throughly identifies streotypes and as explained in the article stereotypes are not always negitive. The “traditional” men and women stereotypes explained in this articles have changed over times women are also working to provide for thier families and not all women marry and have children the single mothers and also fathers are at a all time high i guess that was back in the simplier days before women got used to being independant instead of marrying having kids and being stay at home moms females are getting jobs and pulling in just as much money as the males,articleId-26896.html

this article explains how ones gender does not tell much about the person which i completely agree with so you mean to tell me because im a girl i cant like sports play video games be facinated with cars or wondering how things work…..not true i do like girly things such as flowers the thought of getting married have a family and a house with a white pickett fence but i am also a sports fan i play video games and have a thing for fast old school cars.

this article expresses how stereotyping starts as an infant which i never thought about but it is true when i found out i was having a little girl me and my mom went out and brought everything pink purple or princess. but as she got older which she is now 6 years old i let her choose her own toys and while she is a girly girl she also likes boyish things so she has cars and spiderman in her room that she picked out herself i never tried to push girly things on her i let her choose her own stuff some days she might want to wear some tennis shoes and some jeans the next day she would wear ballet slippers and a skirt.–how-to-overcome-gender-stereotypes-in-the-workplace

this article describes how strereotypes in work work. if your an good employee male or female it shows and is praised.

“To break a stereotype you have to live outside it first,” says Wolfe. Observe and understand what stereotypes you may be falling into and make them a thing of the past.

this was quoted in the article which i agree with completely.


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